Wednesday, May 26, 2010

thrills, SCREAMS, and ferris wheels.

So, I'm new to the blogging world but I have a feeling that I am goint to enjoy it a lot. I plan on using it as a journal, for poems and to document the things that have gone on in my days past and days to come. Today, I will be documenting the past.

Friday, May 21, 2010
I had free tickets to go to the fair so I texted and called a few friends and asked if they would like to join me. Of coarse, later on through the day is when they decided to get back to me and tell me they couldn't go, so it was just me and four other friends. However, before I got to the fair, I went to my best friend Caitlyn's, house. We set up my blog and read billy coffe's blog, it was quite relaxing and entertaining. I had to leave at 2:30 to go to my friend selena's house though and man let me tell you, time flies fast when you're reading a good story. I was getting ready to leave at 2:50 and then Caitlyn was started to tell her mom about the energy drink club that virtually my entire family is in, efusjon. Caitlyn wanted to run down the street to my aunt and uncles house to get a few cans of efusjon for her mom to try. my uncle wasn't home. But! He was right up the street at my aunt's work. (Pretty lucky that everyone is so close). He told me that he was just waiting for my aunt to get her lunch and then he would be home to let me inside the house but then he and my brother were going to run some errands so i had to hurry. 20 minutes later, he arrived and rewarded me the key to his house. Caitlyn and I ran to the front door and attempted to place the key calmly and smoothly into the lock. Once we finally got into the house we frantically looked for my eye liner that i had left there a previous time, and fairly quickly got the drinks out of the fridge. We ran through the house and if i  remember correctly i ran into the front door, we got outside and ran the keys back to my uncles huge truck. When we got back to Caitlyn's house, we gave her mom the drinks and i silently started inching twords the door. When Caitlyn saw me trying to politly leave, she practically pushed me out the door. It was heartfelt and there was a sense of concern, of coarse. So when i did leave it was an hour later than when i promised i'd be there. i felt so horrible and wanted to speed, but didn't and really couldn't because my car is broken and the gas gage keeps saying that my gas is decreasing. I was on "e." As i look back on it now, it was really God's way of keeping me safe and not speeding. By the time i got to Selena's it was 3:37 and she was very worried and i was very upset with myself for being so late. I spent about an hour there and introduced the band Flight of the Choncords to her. I got home around 5 o'clock and imedeately asked my mom for my ten dollars for gas. She managed to give me 5 dollars and i wasn't going to argue, i needed something and thats what i got. I then went up to my room and cleaned my room because Caitlyn was going to spend the night. I was going to meet my friends at the fair at 6:15 and I was running late and still needed fuel. I was going to go to Cait's before hand and help her choose an outfit and what not. But, i needed fuel. Me being me decided to go to the gas station by Caitlyn's house, about .2 miles, not even, up the road from her house. Yup, you guessed correctly, I ran out of gas on my way to the gas station. I managed to pull into the drive way of the same shopping center the gas station was in before i stalled. I was still on an incline because I barely pulled into the driveway. I called caitlyn and told her to hurry up and help me. I wasn't focusing on my words because I was scared and I ended up scaring her. I put my emergency brake on and waited. In a matter of 2 minutes, she was there. She wanted me to get out of the car and help her push into a parking spot because the gas station was too far away, but I couldn't because we were on an incline and I couldn't take my foot of the brake without it rolling backwards. Then God sent a very nice, older, gentleman in a brand new corvette to our rescue. However, it wasn't enough for the car to move. Then God sent an even older gentleman in a landcruiser to us. Surprisingly, it worked. I was in a parking spot! Thank you Lord! At that point I decided to call my mom and step dad to let them know what happened and Matt came to the rescue. He gave me 7 dollars to put in my gas tank. The time? 7:30. I was not a happy camper. I kept my cool decpite everything that had happened. I kept the thought of Mikey, the boy i like who was at the fair waiting for me, in my mind. That calmed me down. I got to the fair and found a semi-decent parking spot. I got out of my car and there he was :). He was so handsome and greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. My heart melted. I was hoping that tonight was the night he would ask me to be his girlfriend. The time wouldn't come soon enough. Caitlyn, Jordan, Sean, Mikey, and I walked into the fair and the fun began! My mom wanted me to find a necklace for her at a certin booth so i figured i would get that out of the way first thing. In a matter of seconds the group was seperated. I was with Jordan and Sean and we walked over to the rides. Mikey was with Caitlyn still in the building where i was looking for the jewlery booth. While Jordan, Sean, and I figured out how to divide our tickets and the prices Caitlyn called asking where I was, I told her and we waited for her and Mikey. Then the thrills began. First the swings, where someone got barfed on, then the haunted house that Caitlyn and I didn't want to do. That didn't happen, so we went to the egg scrambler or something along those lines. Caitlyn and I stood that one out and watched the three boys get sick. It was priceless :) After that Caitlyn and I wanted to ride something, so we walked over to the hang gliding sombrrero when we saw, none other than Caitlyn's best friend whom she hasn't hung out with in a while. Who was she there with? well this is awkward, my prom date who was going to ask me out and the girl he was now liking who is Caitlyn's best friend's cousin who once almost dated Jordan. Crazy huh? After they left us, Mikey asked if I would like to go to the ferriswheel with him and I could feel my heart leap into my gutt and my lungs stopped functioning. Yet in my body's malfunction, I manneged to squeek out a "yes, I'd love to." Even though it was right around the corner, that walk seemed like a life time. We were second in line and I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks, I was blushing so bad. As I walked up the three stairs to step in to the carrige of what my future held, I could see my heart beat through my chest and make my shirt move to the pattern of my shallow, quick breathing. I was so nervous and so excited for what was to come. Or at least what I thought was to come. after three go arounds on the ride of my lifetime, nothing even remotely close to, "will you be my girlfriend?" came out of his mouth. I will admit it, I was devistated. So many things went through my mind in a matter of 30 seconds. "Did he change his mind? Maybe i did something wrong. Was it my breath? Is there something in my teeth? Shoot. I blew it some how. Oooo, Churro's. (we passed a churro stand) He isn't going to do it tonight.. oh well." As we met back up with the group Caitlyn gave me the "did he do it?" look and i shook my head no in utter disapointment. She then proceeded to yell at Mikey and he had no idea why he was getting yelled at so I grew a pair and told him that she thought that he was going to ask me out on the ferriswheel. His eyes got huge and his face got long. He was so ashamed and dissapointed in himself for not doing so. At this point we were walking him and Sean to the front gate because they had to leave. Mikey pulled me aside and apologized for not asking me on the ferriswheel I told him not to worry about it and that it was okay, but he interupted. "I'm tired of waiting, I don't want to go another day without calling you mine." He pulled me in quite close and whispered in my ear, "Will you be my girlfriend?" :) ahhhhh!!!!! my insides jumped for joy and my heart skipped a beat maybe 4! I couldn't breathe and I couldn't stop smiling. I felt the heat in my cheeks radiate and almost burn him. I was so excited! We walked back over to our group and Mikey says, "Oh, hey guys, I'd like you to meet my girlfriend, Katie." Everyone laughed and smiled and high fived me. It was so incredible. As I hugged and kissed my boyfriend goodbye, I could feel my insides swell with joy. He was mine. Jordan,Caitlyn and I continued with the fair. Jordan begged and pleaded that we do the haunted house with him. Caitlyn gave in! That jerk face, leave me all alone outside of a haunted house?! I don't think so. So, I went with them. We handed our 4 tickets to the scary clown gaurding the entrance and Caitlyn and I pushed Jordan through the tiny opening first. We didn't even get through the second door, 5 steps, and Jordan turned around and said, "screw this, I'm out of here" The two of us girls had to restrain and push this body building adult. Then, Jordan refused to go first and Jordan and I attempted to push Caitlyn through the smallest opening known to man. She held onto the bars of the one window and screamed at the top her lungs that she refused to go in the pitchblack openeing, so, I went first and I got slammed into the wall and have no idea how. It hurt, but I continued screaming my way through the wondering trail that was barely lit by black lights and glow paint threatening and warning, "go back now or else." It was the worst haunted house ever. No one popped out of anywhere, nothing hanging from the celing. Nothing. It was a waste of 4 tickets, however, I think we had way too much fun in there :) After that, we went on the hangglider sombrerro. Oh. My. Goodness. That was the most amazing thing I have ever done! Only one word could ever describe that, incredible. In the words of Caitlyn, "I want one in my room." Then, along cam "Bo-Bo." Jordan wanted to get a gift for his girlfriend and he came across this blue ball of fur with massive purple claw feet and googaly eyes. We all fell in love with it the moment we saw it. So instead of playing the game to win it, he bought it. That little Bo-Bo made us laugh so hard we cried. It was a night of thrills, screams, laughter, joy, and of coarse, ferriswheels.


  1. hahaha katie this made me laugh so hard! im so glad that you had fun with all of us that night. i must say that so did i and im sure there will be a lot more adventures coming our way(:

  2. Katie,

    Congratulations for you and Mikey. He is such an amazing young man and just knowing how wonderful you are, you will make a great couple. Stay patient and keep God in the midst of this relationship and it will take you far.

    Love and Hugs ~~ Kat